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Historian | Author | Speaker

I am  historian of American politics, an award-winning author, and the Lowman Walton Chair of Theodore Roosevelt Studies at Dickinson State University. I also serves as a Public Historian for the Theodore Roosevelt Association and contribute to the design and curation of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library due to open in 2026.


An ardent believer that history illuminates the present, I host the popular podcast The Gilded Age and Progressive Era

I am the author of A Forgotten British War (2023), Remembering Theodore Roosevelt (2021), Theodore Roosevelt's Ghost (2017), The Open Door Era: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Twentieth Century (2017), and Liberty and American Anti-Imperialism. I have published articles and op-eds in The Hill, The Washington Post, Smithsonian Magazine, The Conversation, History News Network, BBC History Magazine, and Military History Magazine and have given commentary on C-SPAN, History Channel Online, Sky News, Prairie Public (NPR), and Real Fun D.C. 

A highly experienced speaker, I regularly talk at universities, corporate events, libraries, professional associations, and other public venues. 

I am a native of New Jersey, Yankees fan, and cocktail lover easily tempted with a whiskey.

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